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A very dark episode this one. Normally, I'm not a big fan of overly dark stories with little to no humour in them. But this one is so harrowing and gripping that I've always enjoyed it. Out of all the episodes that deal with racism, I think this is the most forceful. Everything is so charged right from the beginning. It's so hard seeing Sam in this situation. Desperate to prevent something that had in reality already being set into motion decades and decades before.

Bit of pointless trivia for you regarding my life. I'll always be grateful to this episode for helping me with my history GCSE exam when I was 16. Everything on the exam paper was a surprise and I wasn't expecting to have to write about the Watts riots (most of my studies were for World War I and II). It wasn't all about the Watts riots but one of the four parts were. The only knowledge I had about the riots were thanks to this episode of Quantum Leap. I knew about Marquette Frye's arrest being pivotal and the extent of what happened and how long it lasted. So yeah, I have this episode to thank for helping me get an A pass.

I think the best part of this episode is Lonnie. He's such an intense, conflicted character. Some of his actions are questionable, of course. But that scene where he dies at the very end of the episode is just heartbreaking. The raw pain and emotion on his face. It's just so hard to watch. Tremendous acting there. And that last scene with Sam muttering about having to stay there himself is just haunting.

My rating. Good. A sometimes hard to watch, but still quite brilliant episode.
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