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Originally Posted by iMonrey View Post
What an emotional, gut-wrenching episode. Was Scott Bakula ever even nominated for an Emmy? This episode proves he should have been. Leaping in only to realize he was about to get electro shock treatment must have been just as horrifying as when he realized he was about to die in the electric chair. Maybe even worse. I really found it disturbing.
I believe the episode was submitted for nomination by Scott and Dean themselves but that's as far as it went to my knowledge. I however completely agree that it's extremely messed up that Scott never relieved an Emmy for this performance he was absolutely amazing.

Personally I would have loved to see behind the leap into how the project was handling this intense situation while Al was not in the imaging chamber. I think it would have been interesting and in this particular case have added to the direness of the situation.

Originally Posted by Al's The Best
Seeing as I'm on a MAC I couldn't play the video on here of the QL Convention where Dean expressed what it was like to rap in this episode. Could someone tell me what he said?
I am unsure about this video you speak of but I do happen to know from my BTS book that the rap took around 8 takes because he kept forgetting the alphabet, LOL.

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