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Did anyone else think that the scene towards the beginning with Sam talking to Edie at her home felt like it went far too long. Yes, it served its purpose of establishing Edie as being lonely and far from home, Sam feeling awkward around such a pretty woman, and letting Edie share her dreams; but it really feels like they were just trying to fill out the episode. I don't know how I would do it otherwise, as everything that was revealed was important for the rest of the episode, but I just find scenes with long stretches of dialogue to be lazy writing. The whole stuff with the lion also felt like it was just there to add a bit of drama, but did not really add anything to the story.

However, this is no fault of the actress - Marjorie Monaghan was brilliant when she had to act like she was going through withdrawals, a very difficult sensation to pull off on screen. It was her acting, and the theme of drug abuse which made me vote Good.
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