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Hehe I remember chatting with Scott Bakula on (aye I'm a trekkie too!) and he was asked a question about Mirror Image *browses through chat transcripts, noticed Samatha Beckett on there! hehe*

Ok after a bit of hunting:

jr: Do you think, now that time has passed, that you could talk Mr. Bellisario into sending Dr. Sam Beckett home? I think I am probably the only Quantum Leap fan, who did not get the ending! Oh, and I am so loving Enterprise! I hope you get to do more time-travel episodes. Hopefully, we'll get to see the future Mrs. Archer.

SB: Many people didn't get the ending to Quantum Leap, and just so you don't feel bad, remember that when Don wrote the last show, he didn't know it would be the last show, so he tried to come up with an idea that would satisfy a cliffhanger, the end of the show, allow for a movie or a movie of the week. And when you look at the last episode that way, I have always felt he did an incredible job. But my 8 year-old son is deeply disturbed that Sam didn't get home.

You can find the full transcript list at the link below:
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