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You of the "complaints" about Scott from some of the fans of Star Trek was he didn't show up at conventions. It is nice to know that he did try to connect as much as possible through the chats. As he said in the interview (Thanks Don Quixote for the link), he didn't have much down time during the run and he certainly puts his family obligations towards the top of his list of priorities. He even mentioned at one time (can't remember if it was a chat or an interview) that with the small children, he wasn't able to got to the conventions but planned to do so eventually (had the series continued).

Personnally, I liked Captain Archer better than any of the other Captains and not just because he was played by Bakula. Rather...I felt that should we ever get a chance to get into deep space, the reactions to the adventure would be as Archer portrayed them...starting the process with great excitement and then, as things turn ugly, having to put that vision in a new context but still striving to keep the vision of exploration and wonder alive.
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