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I've touched on this concept before. If a person constantly puts others before themselves...they lose their humanity in the process. I think that's at least a part of the Bartender's statement about not looking in the mirror...that you'll lose touch with reality.

Yes...the Quest is important. But the Quest without respecting the life of the Quester is somewhat of a perversion. Sam has a wife (who HE caused to be with him in a early leap) waiting for him. If, in fact he has chosen the Quest to put things right for others for the rest of his alotted time, he's basically turned his back upon those he loves and who love him. In that context, perhaps Mirror Image is really for the project. If they do not have Sam's body any longer and if they can not find him in time, then the project is going to be shut down. is necessary to have the Project equipment to leap him back then the project has to accept the enevitablity that Sam will not return. He is lost to them forever. Hard to take...yes...similar to the MIA situation. No real closure.

If the situation is that Sam has not accepted (as the Bartender pointed out that He...and again consider that whenever the Bartender indicated who was leaping Sam...he ALWAYS pointed to the mirror) that his belief of who he is...the man in the what keeps him leaping through time, then until Sam reassesses who his is...he will keep leaping...even if he want's to go home.

If the situation is that Sam has not accepted that he has the power to direct his leaps in any format he wants...leaping home at will or leaping through time (e.g. using PQL as a true tool)...until he accepts that...he will keep leaping.

These are 3 very different scenarios. I truly believe that as much as Sam wants to set things right...he also want's desparately to live his life with the ones he loves. I just hope that Sam will get the chance to be with his family and to continue leaping. I can not believe he would turn away entirely from those he loves.
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