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My post wasn't meant as a criticism to anyone having fun. It was just a reminder that getting too "caught up" (like in not really fun anymore) in this nit picking could be a problem.

Have fun...find things...discuss them...laugh at them. None of that is a problem. I guess I'm just the responses. Think through what you say cause some people may be more sensitive than others and other people reading can take away a sense of the person from a post and that sense that might not be true.

Nobody here, I truly believe, is trying to step on anyone elses toes. That's just not how it's done at Al's Place. This has to be one of the most wonderful sites on the web, bar none. Intelligent conversation, great insights, a truly fantastic group of people.

We all have opinions...and unless it's the creators of the characters talking, none of us REALLY KNOW what's fully going on. What we have are our perceptions. Yeah...sometimes there's "backup" for an opinion (and that's good to hear...the show was one of the most intelligent I've ever run across) but still...

That's all I was saying. Nobody was being "targeted." We're all here to have fun.

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