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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
One thing that confused me and watching the ep just now I was reminded of it was when they denied Donna entrance to the building to see the Colonel because she could not prove she was his daughter. I mean yes they can't just take her word for it but despite that he has a Do Not Destrub on his line, this is kind of a weird situation so he could have rung through anyway and said
"Hey Colonel there is a Donna Elisee out here who says she's your daughter, can you confirm this?"
and then he answers yes and bingo, there is your proof buddy.
If I'm not mistaken, the security desk is manned by military personnel...military personnel below the rank of Colonel. Calling up to him when he has a "DND" on his line would probably be akin to disobeying an order from a just don't do that without a really, really good reason...and even then your butt might end up in a sling for doing so.
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