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I found this one to be pretty "meh." It had its moments, but overall...not real high on my favorites list.

Honestly, I have nothing against Teri Hatcher, but I found her pretty unconvincing as a brilliant physics student. She usually plays the airhead, and her pouty tone of voice just didn't work here.

Poor Sam though...being right in front of the future love of his life who left him in the past (wait...what did I just say?) and not being able to do anything about it. But he certainly tries...and I like the little glimpse to the future that we get here.

I love that Al risked his career by helping Sam. He knew it was against the rules, but did it anyway. It shows how strong of a friendship they do have, even if Sam doesn't remember.

So Sam has six doctorates, eh? I adore a man with brains. GUH. These glimpses of Sam's life that we get in the first few episodes are what I found intriguing about his character. It's an interesting take on a character to have a genius scientist be a regular guy who grew up on a farm. They don't try to make him too much of a genius, you know? I like that.

There are some good funny moments in this episode. I love how Jamie Lee keeps popping up out of nowhere and attacking him with crazy poetry. And Al's comments on the contents of the cupboard!

I also enjoy Scientist Sam's disdain for English lit. As a former science major myself, I have to agree with him. The way he describes a science building and lab is so perfect, right down to the smell of bunsen burners. I always felt so at home in the science building in college. I always felt like an outsider in the humanities departments.
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