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The Handlink used on the show used the same acrylic im using to build the handlink.. the only difference is that the "blocks of acrylic with the lights inside" were in fact individual rectangular light blocks that were avaliable from a company out of japan that actually resembled little transparent lego's that had L.E.D lights molded inside of the blocks.. they actually came in little could buy them with the diode's already inside the block with the acrylic molded all around it.. each block had 2 L.E.D's inside them.. and they were the "blade" kind too...

Sadly that company went out of business and most places that actually carried those light blocks either sold out or figured that nobody wanted them and then just trashed them (go figure).. ive searched EVERYWHERE for those things for the last 10 years and there are none left! ha ha.. but some companies said they could probably make me some but if your complaining about the cost of the handlink being too expensive now then you would flip your lid after adding the cost of having those lights custom made!!!!!!!!! lol..

as of right now the way i make them is as close as your gonna get.... they are practicaly the same except instead of having the L.E.D'S molded into the light i have to use seperate L.E.D lights and actually counter sink holes into the back side of the acrylic blocks and then hand set them each into the for the battery its just an older cell battery like what was used in most of the first cordless telephones... today they have the highly evolved smaller cell batteries like i use that take up WAY less room! lol... and do the same thing..
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