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Hey everone, from what I can tell there were two hero gummy bear units and several less than hero. The links are made from three layers of plex:


On the heros the middle was milled from a solid block of acylic and the less than heros had a box built of acylic instead. The heros also had a fairly complex set of electronics where the little brass pips worked as touch switches turning on various different lighting combos. The less than heros used a "shirt lights" driver board as the sequencer.

The wrist link. I know this prop quite well, I worked on it back in March. It is the original screen used piece that arrived to me in several pieces. I put it back together and fixed a few issues that it had. I'll get more into it in another post. The two pictures shown in the auction are infact the ones I took right after finishing fixing it and I sent them to the owner.
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