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Hi Brian,did the people who won the Ziggy wrist link ever get it? The eBay sellers name was staypuftman2011 here's a link to the quantum leap badge auction. I checked his feedback and he has no feedback received from buyers so I hope it all worked out alright. I didn't realize the photos he used were lifted from this site.
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The winner contacted me on this tonight. I know the original owners of these items but they sold these some time ago. Looks like the new owner sold them in this auction you mentioned. Wish I had that ebay link to look at. The recent winner noted that the photos used in the auction are the same ones I have on the website in the imaging chamber, so he's worried since he has not yet received them. It's only been 3 days since the auction ended, so he may not know for a few days yet. Will keep you all posted with any news.
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