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In the magical thirty-eighth installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Juan and Gabe from "Thinking Outside The Long Box" join Albie and Heather to discuss season three, episode eight of Quantum Leap, "The Great Spontini" - Recorded Live in Colorado. With ZoŽ Dean and Hayden McQueenie.

There are first impressions, an episode recap read by ZoŽ, thoughts, and opinions, and an amazing interview with Dan Birch - Magic Consultant and Sam's mirror image for this episode.

Christopher DeFilippis also brings us another edition of the Quantum Leap Radio Sightings

Matt Dale - author of "Quantum Leap: Beyond the Mirror Image" shares his journey writing, and some of his favorite Quantum Leap timeline mistakes and reconciling them.

Jessie Neumann brings us her second segment in her multi-part series on Acting: "The Magic If".

Hayden McQueenie is back with his latest ďQuantum DeepĒ segment about Forecasting The Future.

Also some exciting news from Don Bellisario.


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