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My Bad, ... lol how about this..

Ok, its about time that they bring back Project Quantum Leap! What do we have to do to make the networks realize this!!?? THE STORY ISN'T FINISHED!!! I know Deborah Pratt would probably want to do it as well as Donald Bellsario so im asking... "What do they want me/us to do in order to put pressure on the networks?" ... We should Start an Online Petition and everybody sign it!! lol.. id do it! ... you know, during the show they always liked to do "Kisses with history"... well, its been so long since the last episode that PLENTY of new interesting history/story plots have come and gone!!!! Lets use new "History" and breath new life into Quantum Leap!!!!!!!!!! Who cares about "JOhn and Kate" or "The Kardashians" (even though they are hot) ... I don't think the networks realize how much more of an audience they would have if they would do away with the crappy "Reality shows" and bring back a show like Quantum Leap!!!!!!... The only show thats on Television as of now that even remotely entertains me like Quantum Leap is "House".... If you took "House" and Add Time Travel and a Hologram with a handlink then you would just about have Quantum Leap! lol... ah well, im just getting tired of Waiting.... Ever heard the phrase "Back by popular DEMAND"?? Well, Thats what we need to be doing.... DEMANDING they bring back Quantum Leap!!!!!!!!!!
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