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Beat me to it! I found it here:

Quantum Leap: A Beckett Family Reunion Coming to Men of a Certain Age

Published: September 16, 2010

An upcoming episode of Men of a Certain Age will reunite Scott Bakula with his Quantum Leap brother, David Newsom.
TV Guide reports that Newsom will once again play Bakula’s on-screen sibling. He’ll be playing Mark, the younger brother of Terry who’s happily married with two children and his own business. Terry, who’s working with Owen (Andre Braugher) as a car salesman, hasn’t seen Mark in some time and tries to reconnect with him.
Quantum Leap fans may remember that Newsom played Lt. Tom Beckett, the older brother of Bakula’s time-traveling Dr. Sam Beckett. In a very memorable episode, Sam lept into a fellow soldier in Tom’s Navy unit in Vietnam. Tom had originally died but Sam was able to change history to save his brother’s life.
The second season of Men of a Certain Age debuts on Monday, November 29th on TNT.

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