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Originally Posted by ladystoneheart View Post
I noticed I still don't understand the part Sam says "You know the rules,Al." I mean he basically changed the history (as he always does) with his brother in season 3.So why he can't change it for Al?
Sam has a double-standard when it comes to the rules and changing their own lives. It's only okay when it's for himself, which he pretty much admits in 'The Leap Home' the first part, which comes right after this episode. But even before this leap, in Season 1 he also changed his own history with Donna, even though Al told him it was against the rules. He was absolutely right when he told Al that he should have been truthful with him about who Beth was. And I think he was also right that he wasn't necessarily there to fix things for Al and Beth. Sam Beckett Fan articulated very well why it really wouldn't have worked -- it would've been a stretch for Beth to believe that the leapee Jake could possibly know that Al was alive. In fact it might have just upset her more. Likewise, Sam couldn't tell her who he really was or about the project. But as soon as he said "Al, you know the rules. We can't change our own lives" he was being a hypocrite.
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