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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
BTW I highly recommend the novel Pulitzer. It's an amazingly written leap which happens to occur along side Al just returning home from Vietnam, and actually has Sam rethinking his selfishness.
"Would it really have been so bad to just tell her Al was alive?"
He shows a lot of care for his closest friend in this novel as despite observer Al's warnings not to Sam gets heavily involved with the Lt. Al in the leap.
I love Pulitzer. It's my favorite of the novels I've read so far.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It's also quite possible that he on some level knew that Sam would have a selfish response and not justify the attempt as he did his own with Donna(Though to cut our Sam a little slack it's quite possible he didn't remember the Donna leap, his swiss cheese memory has been clarified as selective). Thus he might not have tried, not that the attempt did much of anything except give Beth a shoulder to cry on when the pain of losing her patient surfaced.
Yeah, Al knows his friend very well. He may have already had experience with Sam making exceptions for himself. And yeah, he probably didn't remember the Donna leap but still, in 'The Leap Home' when Al asks "Why is it different? Because it's you this time?" Sam says yes. Whether he remembers the Donna leap or not, Sam definitely feels he's special and entitled to more than everyone else.

But in the end he does make things right and we love him for that.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
What's beyond me is how Al didn't run other scenarios at the same time. Or as Ladystoneheart has pointed out, how Ziggy didn't offer the Scaggs situation.
If I'm not mistaken Ziggy didn't offer information that wasn't asked for. Even in 'The Leap Back' she plays a game with Sam that he has to drag the information out of her.

As for Al, he wanted this leap to be about Beth so he just didn't check any other scenarios.
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