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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
I don't completely agree with this. In fact, I believe DPB in a post-series interview may have said himself that it's a time travel show about changing the past so anything, even that ending, can be thought of as being changeable.

Exactly, DBP's intention for the show is a kind hearted man who touched lives and changed them for the better. Anything scientific or dealing with the logic of time travel was not given a lot of attention and open for interpretation (a liberty the novels use to death). Ziggy's gender is a direct example of this. 'Another Time, Another Place' tells how he had directly addressed that controversy as something he did not care about.

The logic that Sam's never returning home is just as changeable a fact as Al's marriage to Beth or Tom's death in Vietnam is true at an inarguable level. When you interfere with time EVERYTHING is changeable. Even a detail as small and insignificant as a woman choosing to buy a white blouse instead of an orange one. QL novel author Ashley McConnell writes this to death. In Random Measures she mentions Al noticing that Tina's hair color changes in different timelines. Though I personally think she overdoes it for the purpose of the show she's not wrong. There are areas in which I personally feel she is but not in this one.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
It's also possible that Dr. Samuel Becket never returned home but Dr. Samuel Beckett did.
What the heck? I believe I remember his name was misspelled in those ending comments but...what the heck!?

Originally Posted by blue enigma
And some people just say 'screw canon'
The novels certainly do and they are legally published, the ones that have Sam's soul leaping rather than his body. There is clarification that this is disregard of canon. There is a behind the scenes fact (though I can't remember where I heard it) that for the episode The Color of Truth Scott had inquired with DBP as to whether he needed to practice Jesse Tyler's arthritic limp but was told not to because physically he is Sam.

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