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Something has just come to my attention as I am continuing my MIA screen captures (Thanks to Ladystoneheart for the torrent).
On the way to intercept Beth and Dirk's first encounter Scaggs recites to Sam who insists he 'somehow knows' a happening involving this woman:
"...when she gets a flat tire in the marina and some lawyer fixes it?"
How could Al have possibly gotten that information or that they even met on that date from Ziggy? When they got married would be on record but why would when and how they met be?
Contrary to the novel Pulitzer did Beth perhaps agree to meet with him once when he returned? I can see where the author wouldn't think so, you don't get that feeling from Al. How could Beth have been able to face him after what she did?

On another note, I caught something for the first time. When Sam tells Beth "You've a little dirt smuge on your nose" if you look closely at his left eye he's still got some of the eyeshadow on from the undercover hooker disguise! LOL! How did Scaggs not catch that!? XD

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