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Default Round Robin 3: Part Twelve

Not a word was spoken between the two friends, words weren?t needed, the looks they gave each other were enough.

"Do you think she can hear me too?" Al said disparagingly, covering his mouth with a hand as if to block out the sound of his voice.

"I think maybe she can." Sam whispered in response, leaning in towards Al. "Something definitely brought her in here and I don?t think it was the length of time that I?d been away."

Al's eyes widened. "Something really iffy is going on here Sam? and I don?t think I like it."

Sam shook his head. "I?m sure there?s some rational explanation for this happening Al." He then repeated his last question. "What medication is Shelly taking?"

Al raised the hand-link up to eye level. "Ziggy doesn?t know, there?s no mention of any long term medication in her medical records." He pressed more keys on the hand-link and it squealed in response. "There?s nothing?"

"You?d better grease the hinges on that refrigerator if you?re gonna be sneaking another beer!" Shelly protested from the other room.

Sam's head jerked suddenly towards the door. "I?ll be in, in a minute, just checking the ice situation, the beer seem to be a little warm tonight. Do you want ice?" He then turned an irritated glance to Al, pointing to the hand-link. "Al she can hear that darned thing squawking its head off."

"Mine?s okay Danny." Shelly?s raised voice replied. "How?s yours hon?"

A muffled ?fine,? came from the other room; the voice didn?t even sound like Billy?s.

Al just shrugged his shoulders. "Well I can?t help the noises that comes outta this thing, you should?ve given it a silent mode when you designed it Sam."

Sam looked at Al shrewdly. "Before, what were you saying Al?"

Al gazed blankly. "What about?"

Sam gazed back, his eyebrows raised and his brow creased. "About Shelly."

"Oh yeah?" Al glanced once more at the small screen. "There?s nothing about an illness either, least not in her file."

Sam turned away and looked out of the window, into the darkness of the night. "Then the medication? she must have gotten it illegally?" Abruptly he turned to Al. "?right?"

"Nothing in the autopsy either." Al blinked. "There must be something else, Shelly?s totally in the clear for this one Sam. What have we missed here? Something so obvious that we can?t see it."

For a few seconds, the two friends look harshly at one another, each man thinking astutely for a clue.

"Got it!" Al blurted out a little too loudly.

"You okay in there? Need any help S-S-Danny?" Shelly?s slurred drawl filtered into the kitchen.

"On my way, the ice-tray?s gotten frozen in, I?ve had trouble freeing it."

Shelly?s intoxicated giggle seeped through the half open doorway. "Thought for a minute there you were talking to Joel?s angel again? come on, you?re missing the end of the game."

"Be right there." Sam answered as he opened the refrigerator door grabbing a handful of ice; chinked it into a glass and poured a cold beer over it. "I gotta get back in there Al, Shelly?s gettin? really inebriated."

"Yeah Sam her befuddled brain might start meandering, she?s already got Billy a little more than suspicious. Keep her mind on other things and for gawd?s sake if she starts mentioning? erm? you know what? change the subject quickly."

Sam nodded and made an entrance to the living room.

Shelly looked up when she heard Sam, her eyes finding it hard to focus. "Since when did you start using a glass Danny boy?"

"Eh-eh." Was all Sam could muster, so he glanced over his shoulder to Al for some moral support, just as the Imaging Chamber door closed on him.

Sorry the following bit didn't post
Sam was a little surprised by Al's sudden departure, he was sure that he?d be following into the living room. Now what was it that Al ?had got?, was it something to do with Shelly or was it about tomorrow? Sam guessed he?d have to wait for that answer.

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