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Default Do the people Sam Leaps into know what Sam did??

Date: 07/29/1999
From: apha

Hey all, first time and all, and I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me? This is the first time since its initial releast that I am watching QL each episode in order and I was wondering, do the people Sam leaps in know what Sam did while he was in their lives? Do they explain this ever in the series, if so I missed it. How do they know where to pick up their lives at? Or do they just know what happened as if they themselves lived it? Anyone know? Thanx for your help.
Hi! and welcome

Date: 07/29/1999
From: lazy21

Well, in the series they never really in depth with that. But in one of the QL novels Donnna thinks that when Sam leaps out his brains merge with the person's again; so he get some memories of Sam's stay. I think that's a buyable explanation.

They think it's a dream

Date: 07/29/1999
From: DarthHedge

Person's react to the experience as if it were a dream. On the show, it wasn't addressed too much. They can't really pick up where Sam left them off, because the only recollection they could have of the events are due to the reasons listed by lazy21--which can't really be the whole description of what went on. They likely just go on living as if nothing had ever happened.

I highly recommend the novel "Foreknowledge" by Christopher Defilippis. It really answers the question "But what happens when the people go back?" (as is written in the acknowledgements).
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