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Default Re: People Sam Leaps into

Article 904:
Decent people

Date: 01/03/2001
From: billcreeper

It seems to me that nearly all of the people that Sam leaps into are decent people. I know there are some exceptions such as the man in Tale of Two Sweeties and Blood Moon. I haven't seen all of the episodes so I am sure there are some more but they are the exceptions rather than the rule. I would appreciate comments.

To billcreeper

Date: 01/03/2001
From: warrior809

Hey billcreeper! I haven't had the advantage of seeing all the episodes of QL either, but here's my opinion:
Since GTF is leaping Sam through time, He obviously would want to leap Sam into a good person who would have the best advantage of helping the person on that specific leap. This would also be the case in that Sam's a good, honest, loving, caring person; the perfect candidate to fill the position of leaping from life to life, putting right what once went wrong.
Now in some cases, he may leap into an immoral person, but only in order to help that person's life and the others who are affected by that person. GTF wouldn't put Sam in situation that He thought that Sam couldn't handle (this is also the case with the QL writers).
Hope to hear from you soon! LEAP ON!!!
- warrior809

To Bill and Warrior/everyone, too

Date: 01/03/2001
From: alongtimefan

I am definitely not disagreeing because I think you two are exactly right...GTF wants Sam to help usually good people and oftentimes, GTF wants him to help the person he's leaped into.

If I could just add one point, which you all have already made...a couple of times, Sam leaped into some really bad you mentioned ...Blood Moon (a vampire), Killing Time (a sociopathic killer), and Double Identity (a mafia hit man and a mafia don).

Date: 01/04/2001
From: Loleap
What is " GTF " please ?


Date: 01/04/2001
From: alongtimefan

In the show, when Al and Sam talk about the higher power that took control of Sam's leaping, they refer to this higher power as "God, Time, or Fate." Sometimes, they say "God, Time, Fate, or Whatever." They don't know who or what took control of Sam's leaping, so they equivocate.

Thus..."GTF" or "GTFW"
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