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Night Terror
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Default "Leaping In Without A Net" was scary!

I saw this episode yesterday, and although I've seen it too many times before, yesterday's experience was quite different. I felt real uneasy throughout the entire thing, like I was actually experiencing Sam's fear of heights. Even though I already knew what was gonna happen, I found this episode a bit scary. Not horror-like scary, but it was very thrilling, dramatic and intense, I don't know, maybe because it had been a little bit more than a year since the last time I'd seen it. I liked it even more this time, and has become one of my favorite episodes. In fact, I've been watching the entire season 2 again, and I have to say that it's probably one of the best seasons from QL. So classic! And to think that it was actually the one I liked the least... How wrong I was! It's the advantage of having this on DVD. You get to appreciate it even more.

Anyway, did anyone else feel the same way about this episode?
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