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I'm terribly excited to see Mr Bakula back on TV, however, and I know this is a dangerous place to bring up any potential criticism of one of the entertainment industry's most charismatic and downright likeable men, but I think he might be terribly miscast in NCIS:NO. Look, I loved JAG, NCIS is, I have to be honest, a much, much better show than JAG was, and NCIS: LA is possibly the worst thing I ever saw, and part of the reason NCIS:LA blows chunks, regurgitates and hurls, is that Mr O'Donnell is bloody awful in the role. I suspect Mr Bakula will struggle to play such a dour, wounded character. He shone briefly in the scenes with Mr Harmon doing the buddy bit, and when he's good.. well, you know. But I just have echoes of Enterprise. I waited the run of that show for him to be half the actor QL fans know he can be and he never did. I felt like he just didn't think the material was good enough (he would not have been wrong). I'd love to see him recurring on NCIS:TOS, but I doubt this NO is going to have the same quality material or chemistry DPB has set up in the original.
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