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Just finished the two part back door pilot and am quite excited for the series. Along with Scott's character Pride, I found the N.O team to be very spirited and likable somewhat like the original NCIS characters we are familiar with.
I must admit that in the first few minutes of the first episode the N.O accent sounded quite awkward on him. Not to say that he didn't do it well, he's always been great with accents as we all know from QL but it paired with his face just...yeah hehe.
But by the end of the second episode it's begun to feel more comfortable and natural.

One thing I must point out is how I enjoyed the hell out of the moment when he flipped that guy right over the hood of the car and the way the move just sorta exploded out of him because he'd just been casually standing there, completely calm and then BAM! My mind shouted "That was such a Sam move!"
That excited the hell out of me to see that there is still some Sam in him!

I think it's great that's he's made a regular role comeback.

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