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The relationship between Sam and Al is one of the things that really drew me in. There's just an amazing friendship between the two that is, a lot of times, more familial. That's what's inspired a lot of my writing.

All of my completed fanfiction but one can be found on my website here: I think there's 25 - 30 completed stories. My newest story is only on my fanfiction account (

hree of the stories were written with a close friend. We have our fourth one finished - just going through the editing process with it. Once it's done, it'll go up on the account we share ( I won't be adding anything new to my site until I finish the redesign I'm doing).

I have to say, seeing posts in this thread was really coincidental for me today. I just started rewatching QL from the beginning and watched Geneis yesterday morning and this morning (I usually watch an episode before leaving for work). It's really coincidental to see new posts here after just watching it...and this isn't the first time it's happened. There have been a bunch of times when I've watched an episode and then come over here only to find someone's posted in the thread about that episode. It's just....weird.
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