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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
My best friend might be interested she enjoys watching Dean's other works as I once obsessed over Scott's myself. Now Scott does a **** load of dramatic and even some tragic stuff outside of QL. The last half hour or so alone of In the Name of the People (which is all I had once caught and all I ever will), holy crap that was heartbreaking ****! It makes the QL episode where he is in a similar position, Last Dance Before an Execution look like rainbows and butterflies.

We once watched Married to the Mob with Dean, the film he had just finished when he was cast as Al. If thought Don Gino was an *** wait until you see Tony the Tiger!
Oh yeah, I think that's one of Dean's many famous roles. The weirdest one he has I think it's the one from "Blue Velvet". On a side-note, he was (or is) very good friends with Dennis Hopper (who also appeared on that movie). I believe I once saw a video on this site where he says that Dennis even recommended the role of Admiral Calavicci to the QL staff. Very interesting. Of course I also love his role in "The Langoliers", haha!

The only movies I've seen with Scott are "Lord Of Illusions" and that other Hallmark-looking flick where he has to land a plane, I don't remember the title. I caught that movie once, exactly in the Hallmark channel. Didn't know anything about it but kept watching because Scott was in it, and had to tape the whole second half because I had to go out but didn't want to miss the ending. It kept me hooked and I wanted to know if Scott was going to make it with that very problematic plane or not, haha! I was on the edge of my seat.
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