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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Right, Dean's role in The Langoliers was very good, in fact he has a scene where he sounds exactly like Sam as he theorizes their predicament. XD

Of Scott's films I have seen:
Lord of Illusions (I He's effing SEXY in that movie)
Netforce (I hope I got that title right)
Major Leagues: Back to the Minors
Blue Smoke
Above Suspicion (In which there is a scene that made me cry like a baby).
Role of a Lifetime
What Girls Learn
Necessary Roughness

I actually have Blue Smoke and Above Suspicion recorded on VHS, and the DVD of Lord of Illusions.

And of his TV roles I have seen
some of his episodes of Murphy Brown where he is very Al
some of Star Trek Enterprise
His appearances in New Adventures of Old Christine.
And a show that seemed to have bombed because ever since the first season I have not heard of it, called 'Men of a Certain Age'. He was great though, Al would have been proud. He was a total womanizing one night stand guy. Even more so than in Murphy Brown. XD
Oh, I always wanted to see Blue Smoke. I take it it's a romance flick with some suspenseful moments, but still.
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