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Agreed that this article isn't well studied.
What this author appeared to have missed is that the two functions of the handlink which are demonstrated; to open the imagining chamber door and reposition Al's image are able to be witnessed by Sam whose perspective the show is presented from.
Though he can watch Al press buttons which obviously issue commands for information Sam can't actually see/hear the feed and his memory of the project is very limited. All he knows is that this super computer is supposed to always know what needs to be done in each leap.

There is however seemingly pieces of the concept that don't fit together. Al appears to be reading a screen on the gummi bear handlink at times when there are shots of it though scarce such as the one you presented here Chris which clearly show it not to have one. Then In The Leap Back the one time we do get more of the perspective of the observer, it being Sam, not only does he read the task off the non-existent screen but then switches to conversing with Ziggy directly for information. This doesn't add up for me. It's not meant to however.

As a whole the project is underdeveloped because it isn't the center of the plot. The idea Bellisario wanted to present with the show is a man with a huge heart who touches and changes people's lives for the better. Time travel was merely the basis. This is why the network frustrated him with the demands for season five story lines like the Evil Leapers and leaps revolving around famous or notorious (in the case of Oswald) figures.
Obviously the scene with Sam reading the handlink in The Leap Back was meant to show Sam using Al's signature move of whacking it. There was no aim to make more sense of the observer perspective.

Honestly however I would have liked to see more scenes at the project where they apply to the leap such as how they discussed the dilemma in Shock Theater and perhaps a brief scene or two of sixteen year old Sam in the waiting room in The Leap Home. Personally I would have liked in at least one case (though am unsure which would work) have seen Dr. Beeks at work. My best friend and are peeved that the very few times she is actually shown she doesn't have a single line(Actually she technically had one, a two second exchange with Sam in The Leap Back which was removed but it sets up Tina's line of "Gee he sounds just like Al").

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