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Default Dr Beeks

I interviewed Deborah Pratt for a online article about 20 years ago and she referred to Verbena Beeks as 'isn't she a GREAT character?" Yes, she's a GREAT character! It's sad we didn't see more of her and less of others at the project. How brilliant is it to have a psychiatrist at the level of PQL who would be there for the "leapees' and somehow maintain the sanity of all the people who work on this very stress-filled project. It was far-seeing on Sam and Al's part to have her on staff. Just the glimpse we have of her in Shock Theater is TERRIFIC!! I have a lot of experience reading lips as I am a silent film historian and trust me, when you watch a billion silent films you can read lips ok. "See you soon, Sam." she said. I had a lump in my throat.
And can I say, Brian thank God for you. Thank God for this site -- I am still writing QL and loving it, still love our Sam and Al and so happy there are really people out there that feel the same.

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