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Default "It's always darkest before the dawn"

The old adage(in subject header) rings true in several different stories and storylines of TV series. Star Trek: Enterprise from the year 2155 to 2159(Years that we never saw due to series cancellation Earth was at war with the Vulcan offshoot race called "Romulans" before entering and founding the Federation of Planets in '61. An interplanetary utopian society.

In Smallville's final season, before Clark Kent made the his human identity the secret instead of Kal-El, he faced his most difficult and most evil challenger to date; Darkseid(from DC Comics lore). Before Clark officially shows himself as a beacon of light to the world he has to fight the darkness in not only every citizen of Earth but also himself! needed from Lois Lane and his other allies.

The subject header was used in a QL: The Virtual Seasons trailer that was posted on Youtube.

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