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Hi, Watchman!

Somehow I saw your second post first. Oh, well. Welcome to the forum!

Excellent point about Sam's potential daughter not being able to leap back that far. I had an idea about a possible way around that, but I fully admit I might be stretching the concept too far for some people.

Sam was able to leap back beyond his own birthdate when he switched places with Al in 1945 in "The Leap Back." Since leaping seems to have something to do with human skin (as in the "Terminator" movies), I was thinking that if Sam's daughter got a skin graft or tissue sample from Al stuck on to her body, she might be able to leap back as far as Al could. Not talking about some weird Frankenstein thing -- just a little skin graft on her leg or something.

Since both Al and Sam's daughter need to be able to look for Sam in the time periods where he'd be leaping around, and with both of them motivated to bring Sam home, I can see them trying this as an experiment.

Adding to the fun is that Al's birthdate is before Sam's. (I believe it's Jun. 15, 1934 for him.) So she could visit times that even Sam never went to! Yet I don't think it would be too far beyond what the audience could believe.

Anyway ... just random speculation from me, for whatever it's worth.
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