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SamBeckettfann, don't worry. We're all very friendly and enjoy sharing info with newer members... at least, 99% of the time, anyway. Occasionally, someone might say something that rubs someone the wrong way without meaning to, and it usually gets sorted out, because we're all adults and we try our best to remain civil. We don't always succeed (as some people on this board can attest to my behavior about a month or two ago), but for the most part, we're a lot better than many of the other fan-based boards out there. Even when we disagree about something, we do our best to "agree to disagree" and leave it at that.

You'll come to learn that many of us are rather goofy when we want to be as well. I used to be even goofier and more of a flirt with the female members, but I toned down quite a bit?mainly to protect myself so that I wouldn't be hurt emotionally again (water under the bridge now though). If someone has a problem, we'll tell you, okay?

Some of us also sometimes take it for granted that most people who come here have seen the episodes already, so we'll try to be more conscientious of that and post "SPOILERS" if we're going to post something that might be in later seasons. And try not to mind us if we occasionally slip and hint about something or someone you might not know about yet... like Alia. Oops...
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