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"The illusion of the physical aura", what a statement to make, and how many problems does it cause...

Sam's body is in 1955, Billy-Jean's is in the 1990's. It was believed that the baby had to leap into the future along with Billy-Jean.
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
Although we know now this is not the case
With the baby in the future, if Billy-Jean went into labour in the Waiting Room, who would be able to deliver the baby? Everyone would be seeing Billy-Jean as Sam, and so without being able to see a vagina, how could they guide the baby? I suppose Al could have, but he was stuck with Sam trying to figure out how he could leap out, or Billy-Jean could have given birth herself without any help, but that could have been extremely dangerous...

Another thing,
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
Since we now know that the baby stayed in 1955 in Sam, how is it possible that the baby could survive without being in a womb?

Finally, the doctor in 1955 said that he could see the head crowning... How was it possible for Sam to start giving birth without having a vagina?
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