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Originally Posted by Bexter View Post
I also loved this episode, I remember at one point thinking, how could scott act it so well, how could he do it and not think "oh this is just ridiculous" but if he did think that, you couldn't tell. I would just be saying 'Nuh! Sorry, I will not go that far' Thats why he's an actor and I'm not.
Once again, Bakula's acting is what makes this episode - for me, anyway. The scene between Sam and the adoption lady is really so poignant and moving it makes you forget just how absurd the whole situation is and that Sam isn't actually the mother to be! That's how good he is.

However, I have to agree with Sam Beckett Fan re: the choice to keep the baby. That's why I'd rate this as "good" rather than excellent. Even though Sam says he believes in adoption he feels the "right" choice here is for Billy Jean to keep her baby, and that just doesn't make a lot of practical sense to me. I understand it makes emotional sense, but realistically, both the teenage parents and the baby are probably better off with the adoption.

I was as confused as anyone else how Sam could have a baby, since that what seems to actually be happening in the closing scene. The baby has disappeared from PQL. If I had to rationalize this, my guess would be that the baby is born in PQL (and the umbilical cord is cut there), then disappears to 1955. During the actual birth the 1955 doctor can "see" it being born - to him, it's coming out in 1955, not in 1995, but because of the quantum leap trick he thinks he sees it, and then once it's out of the real Billie Jean, it's actually transferred to 1955. If that makes sense, LOL
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