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Again, I'm on a vast minority here, but this episode wasn't my cup of tea at all. First of all, I thought the acting was very bad from everyone except from Scott and Dean and the guy who played the boy who got Billy-Jean pregnant. Even Billy-Jean in the mirror's acting was very bad. Second thing: The screenplay itself. It was very light-hearted about a subject that was not supposed to be that way and it had a lot of intended funny moments which, for the most part, I found quite gross instead of funny. Third: All the characters were very one-dimensional and cliched and didn't like anyone at all. I couldn't relate to any of them. They're the classic stereotypes of dumb country people (even some of the background music depicts this at some point and that's not fun; that's even unsettling). Kind of liked Billy-Jean's father, up until the very end, when he succumbs to the "deus ex machina"...

Which brings me to another thing: The ending was soooo rushed it hurt. We're supposed to believe that his father finally accepted Billy-Jean and her baby just because of the way he was seeing her suffer at the hospital in the exact moment when she gave birth. The happy-ending vibe. He's a careless, somewhat "macho", "though" father and suddenly he becomes so understanding and full of love and trust. That was the most unbelievable thing ever in a QL episode, and it served only so we could leave the installment without getting the idea that things turned out bad for anyone in that leap (noticed the time as well, they had it on their tails), which is not entirely true, either: We've seen the atmosphere, we've seen the way of life... Who's to say that baby is not going to grow up to be a very dysfunctional human being as well? There's no real proof that he/she is going to become something else other than what those people know and see everyday.

A disturbing, boring and hard-to-watch episode, in my opinion. One of my least favorites, anyway. Liked some situations, like the confrontation with Billy-Jean's father, the scene when Sam talks to the boy who got her pregnant and then Sam begins to have pains and you see the boy running away on the far end (very well filmed), and many of Al's and Sam's cracks/jokes, but overall I thought it was a story where Deborah Pratt tried to handle a very controversial topic and ended up falling way flat on her own depictions about it. A must-skip for me. I only play it because it is QL and, as much as I don't like it, I reckon it is considered a classic because it's the one where he leaps into a pregnant woman. Not my least favorite QL episode ever, but one that comes close.

My rating: Fair.
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