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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
As a matter of fact I own a copy of this book. Actually it's my best friend's which I had borrowed years ago but when I had tried to return it she didn't seem to care to have it back.
Apparently you haven't noticed my occasional references to it in discussions.

Some of the episode tidbits I disagree with such as the expressed possibility that the comic leap Al mentions at the end of The Leap Back being a reference to Stand Up. It's close but Stand Up doesn't involve a divorce or a little girl.

Otherwise it's quite enjoyable and interesting.
Anyone who reads it from start to finish may also notice that at the end it gives a special mention to Al's Place.
Hi,I have two other Quantum Leap books,the one by Louis Chunovic and the oversized "Time Tripping" book..cant remember who that ones by off the top of my head.

So would you say of the lot that "Another Time,Another Place" is the best book out on Quantum Leap thus far? I don't own it yet,the seller wants $39 for it,which I felt was high.
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