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Originally Posted by QL Nut View Post
I own a copy. I don't recall learning anything from it that I didn't already know. Maybe a few pictures I never saw before. But I do remember being very irritated at just how many grammar errors and typos I remembered seeing. It was literally on every other page.
It does seem to be something of a sloppy publication. If you look at my cover which is not quite the same as the image of the one Al posted in the original post, the title and author's names are a plain white, Quantum Leap a standard royal like blue that can be applied in seconds and appear heavily pixelated at the edges like an older computer might merit. Perhaps this is an intended effect given the slight fit in connection to the show but to me it looks like the title of a manuscript rough draft. Not something that should be going to a final print.

As I stated before I also believe some of the suggestive tidbits in the episode guide are inaccurate such as the Stand Up reference I have already pointed out.

Another is one pertaining to The Great Spontini. They suggest that Sam appeared claustrophobic in the leap in when it's pretty clear that it's the swords puncturing through the box and just narrowly missing him that frightened him.
Perhaps that one is a matter of opinion which is the reason it should not have been included in the book. Tidbits are supposed to be factual.

These such points bug me because it appears to me more like poor attention was paid to the details of the episodes than they're being thoughtful theories.

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