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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
It does seem to be something of a sloppy publication. If you look at my cover which is not quite the same as the image of the one Al posted in the original post, the title and author's names are a plain white, Quantum Leap a standard royal like blue that can be applied in seconds and appear heavily pixelated at the edges like an older computer might merit. Perhaps this is an intended effect given the slight fit in connection to the show but to me it looks like the title of a manuscript rough draft. Not something that should be going to a final print.
In addition to this which I had forgotten to point out before, there are images in the book that look like they were printed from an ancient black and white printer.
For example in the section that talks about the first season there is a photo of Dean with his older brother Guy who guest starred in The Right Hand of God as the gambler who tried to pay Sam to take a dive. It's so dark that they are practically silhouetted.

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