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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
If you know where to look, the entire series can be acquired in High Definition scanned from the film negatives. Other than an incorrectly-colored leap-in on the episode Hurricane, some dodgy upscales of leaps (A Leap for Lisa and The Evil Leaper being particularly fuzzy and low-res), and the Pilot episode being a syndicated cut, the episodes are uncut and appear with the original music. At this point there's not really a dire need to retain off-air recordings.

Australia has seen the first season of QL released on Blu-ray and they corrected the Pilot episode to be the original cut. I believe the second season is due this month. I'm tempted to buy them despite the high price and region lockout (I'd have to transcode the videos into region-free MP4 or H.265) just to see if there is a marked improvement over the download versions from iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. At the very least I'd have the corrected Pilot episode.
Hi Feldon,

Believe it or not, since starting this project, I've bought up complete DVD collections from the US, UK, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Australia, along with the recent Blus (I HIGHLY recommend them - they're a great upgrade) and iTunes. You'll find very specific notes in the guide about what the differences are between each one - and it goes beyond the controversial music I agree, in terms of what's 'needed' in order to have a perfect collection, the HD transfers are great.

(Yes, I may be a little bit crazy *G* you'll appreciate the levels that goes to when I release samples in a couple of weeks)

My reason for asking about offairs wasn't to get 'the best' versions, but rather to double check a couple of things about episodes that originally leapt into repeats. It's a long shot...
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