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I am watching it now, and I love it. So much awsome Al Humor and Gooshi Humor. A little fun fact I read in Another Time Another Place.

Originally Posted by Dennis Wolfburg
"It was time to film and I was doing the scene where Sam goes into the chamber prematurely and I am screaming to Al "He's leaping! he's leaping!" Now I am doing these lines with no knowledge whatsoever as to what they meant. Talk about blind reading. Nobody told me what they meant. But they did say I was doing good."
Haha, Poor Dennis.

I love this episode even more after reading the book version. It describes in slightly more detail how he is feeling this affection for Peg. Now I am a hopeless Romantic so I just love the way that Sam thinks that Peg and her pregnant form are so beautiful and how he loved having her in his arms while they danced. It almost makes me wonder if there is a timeline out of many created where Sam had left a pregnant Donna to try out the machine, of course expecting to return. So when he met Peg his subcontious thought of Donna. I don't know but the way he Narrirates:
"Even at six months I found Peg stunningly beautiful, although I doubt she'd believe me. I wondered if Pregnant woman held some strange affection with me, but I think it was Peg."
It just makes me think that there is something going on in his subcontious.

Another thing I love was the little forshaow they have in this ep when Sam first meets Al and thinks
"If this is a nightmare, I think I just found the boogiem*n"
In the book it's kind of funnier though cuz he says Angel of Death hahaha. But eaither way I love how that is kind of forshadowing the B-Man ep.

The other thing I loved was Sam getting to talk to his dad when he leaps into Tim Fox, and when he tries it before while he is still Tom. I love how dramatic it is and how Sam gets so sad when he can't remember any of the information needed to make the call. Kudos to Scott for those scenes that is yet another desplay of his great talent.

One more thing. Poor Scott, I feel so bad because he hates his left handed baseball swung as Tim Fox and they they go and put it in the theme song. haha.

This is such a great launch to a great series.

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