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Originally Posted by Al_Calavicci View Post
Sure,the first book is called "The Quantum Leap Book" by Louis Chunovic,it's pretty common.there are a couple on eBay right now as low as $10.
There are segments of the book posted here on Al's Place too. Here's the link

The other book is titled "Time Tripping,A guide to Quantum Leap" by Bill Planer,it's an oversized Softcover with a photo of Sam & Al in a Corvette on the cover.

Here's a link about it on Al's Place.

There's also "Making a Quantum Leap" by Scott Nance. I have never found this one yet but it looks interesting.
Not seen 'Time Tripping' or 'Making a Quantum Leap' anywhere. Did not know they existed. As I said I have 'Another Time, Another Place' and also the Louis Chunovic one. In addition I have two copies of the Boxtree publication 'The A-Z of Quantum Leap' by Julie Barrett. The reason I have two copies of it is that the first one arrived without the photo pages inserted.
Hmmm, wonder if that is a rarity that might make it valuable one day? Doubt it, since books with photo pages often lose them over time.
It says it is 'The ONLY book to contain a guide to every episode ever made' but there is no entry for 'Mirror Image' listed, even though it is in the episode guide at the back. It calls itself 'the Ultimate Quantum Leap Reference Book' but I found several inaccuracies in it.

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