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Originally Posted by Kirok View Post
I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it. But as with any film (or project), its going to have to take money, and lots of it. We really did some amazing wheeling and dealing with Leap to Di for, but I doubt we could pull that off again for a few reasons.

1) I am working full time now.
2) I have a three year old son, and my priorities have changed.
3) Getting people to work for free is tough, especially in the crew department.

That being said, let's consider this... I'm set to shoot another film this summer, and I'm trying to fund it on Kickstarter. If I can get people talking enough about it, and its successful, I'll definitely put something in motion for QL.

Bt the way, can I give a shameless plug here for our new project? *hint hint* We've got some pretty awesome rewards for this one too. I'm giving away all of our costumes from this film, plus all of my Star Trek vs. Batman costumes (nine all together).

Thanks again!

- Chris
LOL, I'd work for free just for the experience, but I know nothing of the movie-making biz and would probably get in the way.

New movie sounds awesome, by the way!
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