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Originally Posted by ziggysego
I used to enjoy this programme. It was kind of in the same vein as Quantum Leap, but an enjoyable one. We all remember the cheap rip-offs
Do you think it was in the same vein as QL? How So? I can't see the connection myself. I saw a few of the eps of this show but as usual anything sci fi is shown at a stupid time-slot on free to air and moves around each week. Early Edition as I recall was on about 4.00pm on a Saturday or Sunday. I don't even bother watching the shows I like on Free to air anymore I just wait until they come out on DVD and buy them or rent them. You wonder how well shows like Enterprise would have really done if they'd been shown at 8.30 on a Wednesday night each week instead of 11.00pm or 12.00am or 1.00am on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. As you can tell I get very frustrated wtih this.

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