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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
The question is though, WHY would he will himself to the 1800s - it's a really dangerous time and it was nearly impossible for Al to find him. It would just make Sam's life more difficult...
Curiosity perhaps. Yes, Sam is a true altruist and without a doubt he's a man who cares about other people and wants to help them. But he's also a scientist and there's that part of him that thirsts for knowledge for knowledge sake (a fact his accumulating 6 or 7 advanced university degrees attests to), that wants to understand the why of things. And of course he has always had an insatiable desire to travel back in time and observe for himself what things were like (the Future Boy episode is one obvious example, but in Curse of Ptah-Ho-Tep Sam also talks about his interest in Egyptology and archaeology and how for him it was like traveling back in time). His leap back to the Civil War may be pre-destined by a higher power. Or maybe a part of him wanted to go back and see what it was like, even if it was dangerous. He stepped into the quantum leap accelerator before it was ready, knowing it could possibly kill him (otherwise he would've waited for Al to get back to the project instead of going behind his back with his initial leap), so it's not like potential danger stopped Sam when he was curious about something.

Maybe someone in his family spoke about these ancestors of his even and that piqued his interest.

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