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Originally Posted by Scotophor View Post
If Angelita is an angel (as the show's makers would have us believe), then IMO you're mistaken to call her "dead". Contrary to what many movies, cartoons and television shows depict, angels are not spirits of dead people. According to the Judeo-Christian biblical view, angels are some of God's creatures, who just happen to be created in the spiritual realm rather than the earthly realm.
That's only one view and Quantum Leap seems to focus largely on a Catholic take which seems from my research to have a divided faith in this area. Some believe that mortals when they pass do become angels. Though there are several verses in the bible that have come up in my findings that seem to say you are right, That humans are not equal to Angels. We become bodiless spirits when we pass but are still inferior.

This is irrelevant however as Angels in Hollywood fiction are almost always deceased mortals and Angela/Angelita being very indiscreet boasts to everyone she meets that she is an Angel. She's also revealed to have once been living/mortal in three ways:
1.) She tells Sam how she'd died while performing a theater audition.
2.) Ziggy was able to find a record of her, something that would be impossible with a being who wasn't born on earth and thus has no birth certificate. She'd had trouble finding it but that's because Angela's lifetime was long before Sam's (even slightly before Al's).
3.) Her explanation as to why she must return to earth to guide the living is exactly worded: "They said IN LIFE I was too vein, I had too big an ego."

It IS possible that said huge ego had caused her to use the wrong word but that is mere speculation.

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