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Default How I would've done the final episode...

OK, a friend of mine and I were discussing the final episode of the show, Mirror Image. Personally, I am not a fan. I think the ending was a cheat. When he asked me how I would have ended the show - I told him my idea and he loved it. Here goes...

Basically, he would've leaped out of Memphis Melody (that was the penultimate episode wasn't it?) and just found himself sitting in the Waiting Room. Al and Gooshie rush in and exclaim "Sam, you're home!" Sam would then do his usual "Oh boy" then the episode would end.

The next episode with start with a resolution of the cliffhanger (like they often did) and you'd see Sam being gingerly bought out of the waiting room and medically examined by Beeks. Sam is obviously thrilled to be home, and meets his daughter.

His swiss cheesed brain begins to repair itself and he begins to gain his memories back. He asks where his wife Donna is, and Al has to inform him that she died either in an accident or of some illness while he was gone, leaving him crushed. He's also told he can't reveal his identity to his daughter as she was bought up by another man who she thinks is her Dad.

We then see Sam jump in Al's car and go for a long drive to find his brother who he saved in Vietnam, and shares an emotional reunion with him. He tells his brother that he really did leap back in to his 16 year old self and was with him in Vietnam, which his brother knew. His brother asks him what he is going to do with himself now he's back to which Sam honestly doesn't know.

Sam goes back to the project where Al is waiting for him. He tells Al all he ever wanted to do was get home, but now he is home it's not what he expected or wanted. That night, while everyone is asleep Sam suits up and prepares to step back into the accelerator. Al is awoken by Ziggy and goes to stop Sam warning him that he may never return home again. Sam just smiles and Al understands - and the two share a brotherly hug. Sam steps into the accelerator and vanishes. The episode would end with Al walking over to Ziggy, retrieving the handlink from the console and beginning to search for Sam's whereabouts.

That's how I would've done it.
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