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Originally Posted by leaper1
You make a good point, but then, why would Sam have leaped into Frank in the first place?

A more likely scenario is that Kyle, seeing Frank was busy (He probably dismissed the boy with a 'later kid' comment) decided it 'wouldn't hurt' to pop over to the Pharmacy on his own. Even good kids get tempted to do things they know they shouldn't, and tend to think they are invincible. He probably figured he'd be back before he was missed and Frank and his Mum would never need to know.

As far as I can recall, there was only one Leap where the intention in putting Sam in the place of the leapee was to have him screw up, and that was...

Leaping of the Shrew

When he was supposed to go off course and stop them getting rescued so that they had time to fall in love. He even said something to Al about being there 'because he was a lousy sailor'.
I never said screwing up was his intented task, to tramatize a little boy is not something that would benifit anything. I was saying that Frank would know better than to let him go off alone while Sam honestly did not know. I was thinking of a Honeymoon Express kind of situation. He was orginially supposed to just help her pass her exam but then he put Tom's life in danger and thus had a new task as well. Cuz I am sure someone in the H.E thread said something about the threat to Tom's life being a butterfly effect of Sam changing history.

Originally Posted by bluedana
Dreams - 1
Unchained - 1
Temptation Eyes - 1
Curse of Ptah Hotep - 1 (not really his fault, but . . .)
Evil Leaper Pt 2 - 1
All those were not only not Sam's fault but he had nothing to do with them except Dreams.

Ptah-Hotep the guy was killed by the mummy

Temtation Eyes the reporter threw himself over the edge of the building and Sam was attempting to SAVE him.

Unchained, I will give you that one half way because it was the partner that killed the robber but it was because he felt threatened by Sam finding out about the robbery.

Evil Leaper 2 I am afraid I don't where that one is coming from no one died in Evil Leapers 2.

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