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It's bus route 156, and you can catch the southbound bus less than a block away from the hotel at the NW corner of Vineland and Aqua Vista. The sign on the front of the bus will say S. MONICA-HIGHLAND. It'll get to Highland and Hawthorn, which is just a block south of Hollywood Blvd. close to the lanes, in 10-17 minutes depending on the time of day.

Fare is $1.25.

This link should get you to the timetable.

For those wishing to visit Dean Stockwell's star, take the same bus to the same stop. Continue west (left) on Hollywood Blvd. to the Roosevelt Hotel. It's just a couple of blocks.

The Chinese Theatre is across the street in the general area.

So even if you don't join in on the bowling, this is one of those "must see" spots in Hollywood.

Oh, yes, and that stop is one of the best places to shoot the Hollywood sign!
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