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I agree,there were no trivial leaps.maybe every leap didnt change the world,but everything Sam did made a world of difference in not only the lives of the people he leapt into,but all the lives touched by that person.The ripple effect. I really enjoyed the first season leaps like "The Camikazi Kid" and "Good Morning Peoria". thats one of the great things about Quantum Leap,it was always something/somewhere/sometime different each week. The chance encounters with Buddy Holly/Michael Jackson/Stephen King were just thrown in for comic relief,they weren't the focal point of Sams leaps.

I really miss this show,I remember watching it when it was first on tv,there was nothing else like it.The chemistry between Dean Stockwell & Scott Bakula was great. I was really saddened when they ended the show.I keep hoping maybe they'll make a Quantum Leap movie with Scott Bakula & Dean Stockwell before it's too late and finally bring Sam home and give the series a happy ending.
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